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Studio 125 Pop-Up Gallery

Merivale gets artistic

SCAPE Public Art keep living up to their name with the new pop-up gallery initative Studio 125, which is open to the public throughout the second half of March and first half of April.

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Ooh la la

Alliance Francaise French Film Festival

The celebration of all things French cinema that is the Alliance Francaise French Film Festival is back for another big year.

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Acclaimed Timaru-born pianist Michael Houstoun performs Mozart with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra in April.

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Lose Your Mind

Careless, really

Popular UK artist David Shrigley invites you to Lose Your Mind at his first large-scale New Zealand exhibit at CoCA in Autumn.

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Little Black Book

Pepper Bridge

Indian Cuisine

Pepper Bridge is an authentic Indian restaurant offering North and South Indian delicacies.

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This is where all the coffee roasting magic happens!

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Café Valentino

Italian Cuisine/Pizza

Café Valentino serves up perfect pizza and soul-satisfying pasta.

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Christchurch Casino


Christchurch’s Premier Entertainment Destination. At Christchurch Casino every visit is a unique entertainment experience, providing all your entertai...

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MADE is an exciting eatery that focuses on clean eating salads, tasty sandwiches, sweet treats and great coffee. They like to sustain your energy by u...

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Cultivate Ltd


Cultivate Christchurch is building a network of urban farms that are powered by the next generation. They grow skills and provide meaningful work expe...

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Gourmet Food Store

Yumm. is your friendly food supplier, using locally grown produce and baking delectable goods fresh daily.

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CoCA is a space for new art and new experiences.

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Transform Clinic

Appearance Beauty

Transform Clinic is a cosmetic medicine and beauty centre that combines the experience and skills of a doctor, nurses, and beauty therapists.

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Rogues of Rotherham

International Cuisine/Swishy Bar/Café

Enter this sequestered gem and catch your breath as you are struck by accents of emerald and brass and the aroma of uncompromising goodness. Step in ...

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Rebuilding Christchurch one haircut at a time! Your one-stop- CBD-shop for looking sharp.

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New Zealand Cuisine

A locally owned eatery with a friendly vibe that serves sophisticated food with simplicity and style.

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