Royal New Zealand Ballet: Three by Ekman


Prepare yourself for an electrifying night out as the RNZB presents not one but three razor-sharp works by Alexander Ekman, performed together for the first time. Cacti captivated audiences during the RNZB’s Speed of Light tour in 2016, with the New Zealand Herald hailing its ‘cheeky effervescence, irrepressible energy and beguiling wit.’ Don’t miss the opportunity to see Cacti again, together with two additional works showcasing Ekman’s exuberant, complex rhythms and witty, stylish staging – Tuplet and Episode 31 when the RNZB hits the Theatre Royal on the 9th and 10th of June.

Tuplet, for just six dancers, is the most intimate of the three works, riffing off the split-second precision of contemporary ballet dancers at the top of their game. Created for Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, it premiered in New York in 2012.

Episode 31 is larger in scale, a torrent of youthful vigour harnessing the energy of New York City. Made for the Senior Graduation Class at The Juilliard School, it premiered in New York in 2011.

Cacti (2010) brings it all together, combining hilarious insights into the dancers’ innermost thoughts with a mesmerising musicality.

Once again, the RNZB will be joined by the New Zealand String Quartet onstage for all performances.

Praise for Ekman’s work

"Alexander Ekman’s Tuplet is deft entertainment that becomes something more clever and magical"
The Guardian (UK)

"It’s like a short, sharp shock to the system…. best thing I’ve seen at the Festival this year; I want to experience it over and over again"
Edinburgh Festival Review on Episode 31

"Cacti is a sophisticated, hugely enjoyable piece of theatre"
Express (UK) on Cacti

Royal New Zealand Ballet: Three By Ekman
Isaac Theatre Royal
Friday 9th – Saturday 10th June
Book at Ticketek.
Isaac Theatre Royal, Gloucester Street
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