Flour Power, 2008 – Regan Gentry

SCAPE Public Art

Regan Gentry’s Flour Power was the first new public sculpture commissioned by the Christchurch City Council’s Public Art Advisory Group. Funding for the work was made available from the Council’s Public Art Fund with a substantial donation from Dame Adrienne Stewart and the Estate of the late Sir Robertson Stewart.

Flour Power marked the Trust’s seventh permanent artwork in Christchurch, and Gentry describes his work fondly as a ‘centrepiece’ for Stewart Plaza, “… as if a friendly giant has walked through the Garden City gathering lamp-posts like flowers and tying them into a bunch with a car tyre.”

The work is an impressive artistic statement, distinctive for both its formal qualities and commentary on the changing nature of New Zealand cities. As Gentry describes, “In Canterbury, fields of crops have given way to fields of houses. Rows of wheat have been replaced by rows of street lights. Farm tractors have grown smaller and multiplied exponentially, growing sleeker and faster, modified to ‘pull chicks’ instead of ploughs.”

Commissioned by the Christchurch City Council Public Art Advisory Group. Produced by SCAPE Public Art. Photos by Brendan Lee.
Stewart Plaza, Corners High and Hereford Streets
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