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Changing Tune

A new name and sound have made Christchurch rock band Decades the Kiwi band to watch. They’re currently rocking Radio Hauraki on high rotation with their blistering tracks ‘The Right Mistake’ and 'Get Me Home', a track from their labour of love debut album The Truth and Other People (see our review here).

The quartet formerly known as Ashei, (Emma Cameron, guitar and vocals; Liam Muir, guitar; Daniel Perry, drums; and Curtis Booth, bass) have spent the last few years refining their sound and building their profile following a chance meeting between Cameron and New Zealand producer (and Shihad drummer) Tom Larkin in small bar in St Kilda, Melbourne, conveniently not long after the band’s ‘go big or go home’ epiphany.

Becoming their manager and producer, Larkin began to push the band in a new direction, beginning a killer colab that’s resulted in the new album, a release born of nearly eight years of determination and plenty of blood, sweat, and guitar picks.

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