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Sounds of Summer

Cityscape caught up with Christchurch playlist guru Craig Shaw on the importance of nailing the ultimate summer soundtrack.

The song of the summer is an elusive beast under any circumstances, and in New Zealand music, it is even slipperier. A true song of the summer is a pop phenomenon, for one thing. It requires consensus, the knowledge that on beaches and in cars from coast to coast, people are playing the same song and feeling the same thing – even if it’s just thinking: “Now this, this is the song of the summer!” It’s on the Bluetooth speaker when eating fish ‘n chips, in the fashion shop when searching for new threads and will – no doubt – be remixed for NYE gigs. Will it be a new David Dallas tune, some international pop track or something off the new The Black Seeds album Fabric? (Which, by the way, is exceptional!) At this stage we are simply crystal ball gazing, but what really matters is that we stay up-to-date with our finger on the pulse. Don’t get caught with your pants down this summer listening to the same generic drab that you find in your standard sausage roll shop come early Tuesday morning! Invest in the listening experience, create your own identity and keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to music.

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