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Christchurch up and riding with Spark Bikes


Following a months-long fundraising and planning effort the Christchurch Community Bike Share Scheme, Spark Bikes, is now up and running.

The bike share system, brainchild of local entrepreneur Rob Henderson, initially has five stations at key locations around the central city – Victoria Street, the Arts Centre, Gloucester Street, the Re:Start Mall and Epic on Tuam Street. Registered users can grab an available bike at any station and use them to get around the city as they like.

Sponsors Spark jumped on board with the idea a year ago after Henderson approached the company with his idea. A portion of the project was then crowd-funded, with donations aplenty from locals, but also as far afield as Canada and America.

To get in on the action, head to to register (there’s a one-off registration fee of 4 bucks) – once registered you can log in at any station, grab a bike (plus helmet and lock) and go for a ride. The first half hour’s ride is free, with longer trips costing just $4 per half-hour after that. Sounds like a good way to get around the central city, especially as we head into warmer weather!

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