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Summer Daze

Another same-old summer approaching? Not good enough! There are just no excuses for numbly sitting around with the sweet number of opportunities for excitement that our city serves up within easy reach – push some personal boundaries and maybe discover a new favourite pastime.

Green Days

Catapulting the game of golf into the stratosphere, Terrace Downs Golf Course offers up some brilliant challenges among its 10 lakes and more than 60 bunkers. Even keeping your eye on the ball can also be challenging when you're surrounded by the stunning views overlooking Rakaia Gorge from the base of the Mt Hutt Ranges. Looking for something more active? Try your hand at canyoning, claybird shooting, fishing, hunting, horse riding, jet boating and white water rafting.

Water World


The team at Groundswell Sports in Ferry Road have everything you need to get into a bit of windsurfing, kitesurfing and stand up paddle boarding. Take your time Hawaiian style on a stand up paddle board, or ride the wind with the crazy surfing/flying hybrid that is kite surfing. Hit the guys up for gear and lessons – they might get you into some snowkiting in the winter months as well.

Paint ‘N’ Sip


Looking for something a little more genteel? How about joining a wine and painting party? Kick the classic wine and art pairing up a notch and create your own masterpiece under the guidance of Paint ‘N’ Sip’s resident artist while knocking back a few drinks with your mates. A night out and some take home wall candy – boom!

That’s a Paddlin’


Fancy a day out paddling around shipwrecks, exploring sea caves and possibly a close encounter with a Hector’s Dolphin all just 20 minutes from the city? Hells yeah! The team at Lyttelton Kayaks can kit you out with a fully spec’d trusty vessel including paddles, spray decks, safety equipment and communications. Launch your marine adventure from Cass Bay, head to Quail and Ripapa Islands and let the good times roll.

Urban Adventure

Lust for adventure still not satisfied? Swing, hang, climb and shuffle amongst the tree canopy at the Adrenalin Forest ropes course, head to the international standard Roxx Climbing Centre or innovative Clip & Climb to give rock climbing a bash, make your own fun with some lessons in free running in the urban playground with the Christchurch Parkour Club, grab your mountain bike and hit one of the numerous trails criss-crossing the port hills, take the aerial route down from the crater rim in a hang glider or hit the Waimak in a jet boat.

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