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Back In The Game

We’ve just cracked the first quarter of the year and already your New Year’s intentions have fallen by the wayside – but all is not lost. Cityscape gets the inside word on dusting yourself off, staying motivated and getting fighting fit from the experts.

Firstly, says Terry Davies of Victoria Street Health Club, “You must commit to any exercise routine, and understand that it’s for life, not just a few weeks here and there. You need to have achievable and attainable goals so that as you reach each one it gives you the motivation to want to carry on.”

He also recommends teaming up with exercise buddies to help keep you on track – group exercise classes are great motivators, and also add a social component to your workout. Lyndal Woodham of On Pointe Barre & Wellness Studio agrees: “I’m never really a big believer of new year resolutions as I feel it sets us up for failure”, she says. “I prefer to set small goals and changes and track my progress by doing it with a friend or partner to hold me accountable.”

Lyndal also recommends starting slowly and scheduling exercise into your routine so it happens. “We don’t break appointments with the doctor, meetings or catch ups with friends, so why skip the gym? Set the day/time and whatever comes up, don’t skip it; other things can wait.”

It’s important to understand that this is your time, health and wellness at the end of the day and is going to make you the best version of yourself, says Lyndal.

“Find a class, gym or trainer that you enjoy. If it doesn’t excite you it won’t ignite you to keep it up. Mix your regime up and be consistent.”

Terry agrees, adding that exercise needs to become a regular routine all year round, and the longer you do it the more benefits you’ll get.

“If you focus on the positive feelings you associate with having a body you are happy with, you release chemicals in your brain that start to change your body; these changes drive the metabolic processes and behaviours that bring you closer to your goal. Then you will actually crave exercise, not sugar!”

Top 5 Tips from Dr Libby

  1. Focus on your health, not your weight.
  2. Find a way to move your body that you love.
  3. Drink less alcohol.
  4. Eat less packaged food and more real food.
  5. Manage your energy, not your time.


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