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Sweat is running down my temple and my thighs are trembling – the Elvis Knees routine is killing me, but I can’t remember the last time I’ve had so much fun working out. Plus, I can literally feel my butt getting more bootylicious! This feeling will actually last a couple of days, but I’m getting ahead of myself. We’re in the light, bright and bodacious upstairs space of On Pointe Barre & Wellness Studio, it might be cold and dark outside, but things are getting hot up in here. The genius of local bootybarre maestros Lyndal Woodham and Katrina Buchanan is at work  – the pair are responsible for bringing the fierce, celeb-endorsed fitness offering and super fun workout that fuses dance, pilates, and yoga to tone, define and chisel the whole body (especially the butt) to the city. We’re partway through what Lyndal keeps referring to as a beginners bootybarre class (though her wry smile suggests otherwise) and I am definitely feeling the burn; looking around the room, which includes ages ranging from early 20s to 50s and a couple of other guys too, it looks like I’m not alone, yet ridiculously, we’re all grinning. And with MC Hammer insisting we’re Too Legit to Quit, we push through another round of grimace-inducing, hurts so good pulses. As Lyndal takes us through a multi-tasking range of routines that leaves no muscle unaccounted for and Ricky Martin spurs us on to shake our bon-bons, Katrina walks around the room offering tips to ensure we’ve perfected such awesomely titled moves like Cougar, Bootyhips, Windshield Wipers, Booty Blaster and the above mentioned Elvis Knees. In a terrible judgement call, I punch above my weight with a weight selection that ensures the last half of the routine requires me to dig particularly deep in order to not lose face. But it’s during the afterglow of the warmdown that I really start to feel my body –  I not only understand how it moves better, but also what it’s capable of and how good it feels to push through your comfort zone. As the motivational post on their Facebook page reads – good things come to those who hustle! On Pointe Barre & Wellness Studio
Unit 10, 21 Bealey Avenue
027 277 3460
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