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Fashion Forward

Cityscape catches up with the country’s leading designers to find out what’s hot this spring/summer.

Karen Walker

Making bedfellows of politics and punk in the same way that Westwood’s original buccaneers did in the eighties, leading style maven Karen Walker’s ‘Mutiny’ locks nautical and baroque themes in a stylish embrace of new rebellion. Drawstrings and ruching, chiffon seersucker stripes and frills, swashbuckler’s sleeves, and heraldic prints of dandy-esque proportions are all updated for a new era, joining Walker’s iconic arrow buttons and overstitching, wide sailor-sash belting, wide cuffs, and oversized ruffles, while her statement ‘Mutiny’ print riffs on German Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer’s apocalyptic Ship of Fools.

fashion forward 1

fashion forward 2

1 Karen Walker 2 Corsair Blazer RRP $875 and Fin Pant RRP $495 3 Nipper Long Sleeve Dress RRP $715 4 Fathom Dress RRP $395 5 Buccaneer Top RRP $495 and Corsair Pant RRP $425 6 Mutiny Sweatshirt RRP $295 and Fin Pant RRP $495



Looking to the Japanese art of Kintsugi (repairing broken pottery with gold) for inspiration, style maestro Victoria Taylor’s ‘Fractured Moment’ collection reveals the many small moments hidden away by the everyday via divided panels, cut away sections and frames, and fragments re-formed. Taylor’s signature sharp lines are softened around the body with strong cut-outs, revealing necklines and waists, while empowered femininity is enhanced through impeccable tailoring juxtaposed with soft silks. The colour palette is muted and tonal; it’s inspired by blurred landscape imagery as seen through layers of broken glass.

fashion forward 3

fashion forward 4

1 Obtained Dress RRP $447 2 Entirety Coat RRP $637 and Traverse Dress RRP $547 3 Denim Duplicate Jacket RRP $579 and Disperse Pant RRP $467 4 Framed Print Boat Dress RRP $437 5 Aligned Bomber Jacket RRP $587 and Collation Dress RRP $497 6 Victoria Taylor



Iconic Dunedin fashion powerhouse Margarita Robertson’s ‘Blast’ line looks to the past to revolutionise the future of fashion. The line sees NOM*d exploring the intersection of subversive eras and influential heritage, utilising Soviet-era public service images amalgamated with manipulated tartans of Highland clans to form a contemporary montage of revolutionary romanticism. Iconographic images are digitally printed on translucent summer-weight silks and complementary cotton staples, while circular stitching and purposed spheres are incorporated into cocoon-like dresses and asymmetric skirts in crisp Japanese cotton that conceptualise the revolving nature of fashion.

fashion forward 5

fashion forward 6

1 Margarita Robertson 2 Duchess Dress RRP $470 3 Box Jacket RRP $540 and Boxer Skirt RRP $425 4 Nom Bomb RRP $595 and Down Trouser RRP $460 5 Pravda Slip RRP $485 6 Revolution Dress RRP $425



Christchurch style maven Bianca Astle celebrates carefree summer days and fun-filled nights with her latest collection; it’s a refined collaboration of soft floaty fabrics, crisp colours and absolute comfort, all finished with her signature flair, style and attention to detail. Folds, ruffles and drops flatter in a range of fabrics including delicate laces, cottons and the aqueous shimmer of dusky pink sequins. Inspiration spans botanical and nautical flourishes, starting with pale blues, whites and navy before moving into pastels, florals and animal prints.

fashion forward 7

fashion forward 8

1 Cassie Dress RRP $289 2 Kendall Top RRP $159 and Charlotte Skirt RRP $229 3 Kylie Dress RRP $225 4 Amelia Top RRP $225 and Celine Skirt RRP $225 5 Demi Top RRP $199 and Holly Pant RRP $199 6 Bianca Astle


Trelise Cooper

Embracing the confidence of sun-kissed skin, Kiwi fashion royalty Dame Trelise Cooper celebrates her SS18 collection with bold colour choices, exquisite fabrics and cuts, along with all the shimmer and sparkle that have made her one of the country’s most celebrated designers. Pushing couture as an attitude, Cooper has captured the carefree elegance of the warmer seasons – dynamic prints meet luminous metallics at a place where fashion is fun, feminine and daring. Whether it’s bare shoulders or legs, there’s an underlying romance and whimsy designed to empower the wearer and making the world her runway.

fashion forward 9

fashion forward 10

1 Blazer of Glory Jacket RRP $749 2 Cape Shifter Coat RRP $699 3 Trelise Cooper 4 Waltz on the Weekend Dress RRP $899 5 Maxi Million Dress RRP $699 6 Love Skirts Skirt RRP $599

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