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Fashion Roadkill: Meggings

Russell Brand has a lot to answer for (I know, right?) and we’re not just talking about those dreadful Katy Perry break up songs, he’s also the man who made ‘meggings’ (men’s leggings – if ever there was an oxymoron) a thing.

CS-roadkillIf you thought skinny jeans pushed the envelope of good taste, meggings take it to a whole other level. Sure, back in Shakespeare’s day stockings were probably quite handy for keeping the fleas off and the plague at bay, but there’s a reason they went the way of the dinosaur – they are the height of poindextery, and not in the ironic way.

Clearly not the most masculine of garments, it hasn’t stopped the likes of pop train wreck Justin Bieber and reformed bad boy Lenny Kravitz from jumping on the man-hose bandwagon, pulling on a pair of Givenchy or Prada mantyhose and giving people way too much anatomical information.

Thankfully GQ senior editor Will Welch is at hand to keep things real describing meggings as: “a rarified trend that’s been adopted by only the most severe of fashion victims”.

Don’t be a statistic boys!
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