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Going with the Flow

With Hot Flow Vinyasa setting the yoga world on fire, Cityscape caught up with Flow Hot Yoga’s Jess Smith for the lowdown on this scorching trend.

Maintaining a regular yoga practice helps to warm up the body to avoid stiffness, stagnant energy and lethargy.

Yoga supports finding balance and our inner wellbeing. Vinyasa is a Sanskrit term often employed to describe a broad range of yoga styles. Vinyasa can be decoded from its root words Nyasa, ‘to place’ and Vi, denoting ‘in a special way’. It symbolises a flowing, dynamic form of yoga where poses are linked together using breath.

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At Flow, a typical Vinyasa class features a balance of asanas (poses) that the whole body will flow through with breath to build restoration and harmony. For example, you might start off with a strong heat building sequence with poses such as Warrior 1, 2 and Half Moon before moving into more twists and folding poses to detox and cleanse the internal organs, and then directing attention to the lower body, hips, knees and feet as the class moves to the floor, calming the energy and blood flow down for rest and meditation.

According to Ayurveda, the immune system serves as the body’s intelligence, and this deep practice serves to awaken it. Classes at Flow are designed to take the whole body through a series of poses to restore the immune system, circulatory system and lymphatic system.

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Props such as bolsters and blocks are used so you will feel supported and held in some of these poses that allow us to truly let go of the weight and holding patterns we all might store in the body and mind. Take time for yourself so you can truly show up and be as radiant as possible in your life!

25 Mandeville Street
03 348 8889

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