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Made in CHCH: Florian Rhodes

Embodying true artisan craftsmanship, the level of care, attention to detail and handcrafted prowess that goes into creating Christchurch institution Florian Rhodes’ gorgeous line of handbags and small leather goods harks back to bygone eras.

While the designing, hand cutting and fashioning processes they use may be considered old-fashioned by some in this day and age, the stunning, fashion-forward and elegant results have made the brand synonymous with stylish, enduring, and endearing quality.

Led by Michelle Rhodes, third owner of the business, Florian Rhodes goes for a ground-up approach when making their fine range of leather handbags, evening clutches, wallets, travel bags and accessories.

Each item begins in their local tannery, with carefully selected cowhides treated as the precious, luxury material they are to ensure excellent patterns, colour and lustre. This quality, New Zealand-produced raw material makes its way into their range of exquisite, practical designs, which draw inspiration from a 50-year-old archive of patterns, hardware and embellishments that were part of the original Florian business – but there’s also an eye towards the trending, stylish, and unique. This careful attention to craft and blend of inspirations from both the old and new results in peerless, hand-made products that are not only striking, but unmistakeably New Zealand.

Their range includes bespoke, one-off creations, and they also offer a complete repair service for less enduring brands. Always in fashion and designed to last, their handcrafted products are arm candy of the highest order.


1960s The original Florian business is founded. 2013 Michelle Rhodes takes over the business and the Florian Rhodes brand is launched. 2014 Florian Rhodes open their new online store. 2014 The company launches their store, taking their signature handmade products to the world. 2016 Florian Rhodes joins the line-up of the contemporary creations and iconic brands at The Colombo's Collective design emporium.

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