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Made in CHCH – Untouched World

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Firm believers that you don’t need sacrifice luxury to be good to the planet, Untouched World lives out its name by not making a harmful mark on Earth (as well as removing marks left by others, saving kiwi and empowering youth!). Working from founder Peri Drysdale’s philosophy “to provide a platform for growth of the human spirit based on a foundation of environmental sustainability and renewal”, they consider sustainability in everything they do, from utilising sustainably-grown fibres, certified-organic dyes and water-based prints through to what to do with staff’s banana skins after lunch! No surprises then that Untouched World are the only lifestyle fashion company in the world to be officially recognised by the United Nations for sustainability practices.

As well as being good to the planet, they’re also innovators in fashion technology. Their unique Ecopossum blend of Merino, Brushtail possum and silk was the first textile to add a new natural fibre in over 200 years(!) when they developed it in 1992, and they’ve since only refined this magically light-but-warm wonder-stuff (which also helps us to get rid of a few more pesky tree-and-bird destroying pests!). Their machine-washable Mountainsilk Merino meanwhile is almost made like a fine wine, such is the meticulous care that goes into all aspects of its production, while their organic, 100% bamboo fabric – possibly the most environmentally sustainable fabric there is – is also amazingly crisp, cool, and airy, and the cotton they use is certified organic. Tag in fashion-forward collections and cutting-edge styling for a looks-great, feels-great, great-for-the-planet triple-threat – of course President Obama, Prince Harry and Joanna Lumley are going to be fans!


2015 Founding Member of the Partner Networks of the UNESCO Global Action Programme (GAP) on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).
2014 Voted Best Sustainable Brand in Sublime Magazine Awards, UK.
2011 CEO is named one of 100 best thinkers in New Zealand.
2010 European iF Design Award.
2007 UNESCO gives permission to carry the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (UN DESD) logo on labelling.
2002 Most Ethical Company Award Deloittes Top 200 companies.

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