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Swan Song: Lotus At Siam Thai Day Spa

The simple act of turning up the gravel driveway into the zen-like oasis of the exquisitely manicured, historic Swan Gardens’ rolling lush lawns is a catharsis in itself. Filled with birdlife and somehow just seconds from busy Colombo Street, Lotus at Siam Thai Day Spa is a blessed escape from the hustle and bustle of city-stressed living.

Housed in the grandeur of the lovingly-cared-for Swan Lake House mansion, I’m met with huge smiles, traditional Thai greetings, lulling soft music and the intoxicating, heady aromas of Elemis spa products and exotic oils. As I’m sipping Lotus’ deliciously feisty homemade ginger tea amongst the refined opulence of the waiting room, my therapist L talks me through the massages and oils.

Combining characteristics of European massage, chiropractic and acupressure methodologies, the Thai Sports treatment, I’m told, will increase serotonin and endorphins to aid quick recovery, while the free-radical properties of the patchouli and ylang ylang oil blend will nourish and stimulate my skin and mind alike. The perfect combo to shake off some lingering post-deadline stress then!

L puts her nimble digits to work, pummelling my knotted flesh into submission as I lay face down in the darkened room. Slackening out on the long strokes of the Thai Sports treatment, L works her forearms and elbows into the routine.

With each exhale I melt deeper into the table, weightless and floating in an endless abyss of bliss. Such is her skill (and my euphoria-induced disorientation) that there are times it feels like there is more than one pair of hands on me, and I’m tempted to open my eyes to check.

Stretched, manipulated and realigned, I can feel the tingle-inducing scalp massage finale in my toes. I step out into the warm spring evening an energised, revitalised and slightly delirious new man.

Lotus at Siam Thai Day Spa
9 Ernlea Terrace
03 980 5400

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