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Why we love … Karen Walker

Effortlessly cool, Karen Walker has been waving the New Zealand fashion flag since Madonna rocked her Killer Pants on MTV in 1998. Despite being a favourite with the A-list echelon – from Charlize Theron to Anne Hathaway, Alexa Chung, Florence Welch, Lorde and Rihanna – Walker still remains a refreshingly down-to-earth Kiwi girl at heart, choosing her super cute old ladies’ lived-in hands and faces to model her jewellery and sunglasses, as well as other interesting models who defy the typical clothes horse archetype. Whether she’s vamping it up with brightly coloured wigs, pushing the boundaries of androgyny or out Tokyo-ing Tokyo (she’s pictured above rocking her own line at the opening of her new store in Ginza), it’s all done in her inimitable, signature style and at the razor-sharp cutting edge.

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