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Asiatique Fantastique


The first thing that hits you when you walk into new-look The Asiatique is the mouth-watering, multi-layered aromas of made-from-scratch traditional Thai and Peranakan Malaysian Nyonya street food. Hanging heavy in the air and rich with the promise of deliciousness to come, the fragrance is an intoxicating blend of fresh lemon grass, chilli, limes, coriander, garlic and ginger, and one that’s bound to have you reaching for the menu stat.

Formerly Fusion @ The Asiatique, the Sydenham Asian-themed oasis has switched up the menu and décor, narrowing their once diverse offering to focus on tricked-up Malay and Thai (with a nod to Vietnam via their fresh rolls). You’ll find a retro French-Asian aesthetic; an old cooker in the corner and jars of palm sugar alongside fresh limes, chillies and an old Imperial typewriter, vintage suitcases piled high above the bar, an intriguing wall of conical hats as art and, rounding out the look, old school Chinese crockery and red, polka dot retro chrome chairs that lend a whimsical touch.

Simplistic, yet refined, it’s the perfect setting for head chef and owner Jackie Hendricks’ culinary creations of exceptional, traditional cuisine. You can taste the perfect balance and harmony of fresh herbs and spices used in her special takes on national Malay dish nasi lemak, aromatic Nonya chicken curry, spicy Malaysian curry, succulent sweet and sour Nonya prawn curry, the exotic feistiness of char koay teow, and the delicously moreish crispy chicken bites (below).


Those looking to recreate the magic at home can sign-up for one of Jackie’s signature masterclasses, while those coming for dinner will want to book ahead to avoid to disappointment – which will kick in immediately after getting a whiff and then finding out you’re not able to immediately eat there!

The Asiatique
50 Wordsworth Street, Sydenham
03 365 0163

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