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Cityscape caught up with Michelin-starred maestro and MasterChef judge Josh Emett ahead of his cooking demonstration at the weekend’s The Great Kiwi Beer Festival. You’re rocking ‘Madam Woo on a Plate’ in The Great Kiwi Beer Festival’s Cooking Theatre on Saturday; what can we expect?
I will demo a couple of our favourite dishes from the Madam Woo menu, including our famous signature Hawker Roll, and I will be giving away a few secrets so people can make the food at home. Madam Woo’s Famous Hawker Rolls will be available on the day; what’s the perfect beer to drink with it?

Our Hallertau Woo Brew is my personal favourite – it complements a Hawker Roll perfectly, and it is available at all of our Madam Woo locations across the country.

Madam Woo Hawker Roll
Any tips on beer and food matching?

We have a lot of beer drinkers at Madam Woo and find beer, especially craft beers, have some very interesting flavours that tend to go well with a lot of different foods – it is usually pretty subjective so I suggest trying several different matches and enjoy it. Which craft brewers are you looking forward to visiting on the day?

There are many to choose from but Hallertau Woo Brew, Raindogs, Garage Project to name a few – really looking forward to getting out there and trying a few that I have not tried before. It is always great to experiment and try new craft beers. There’s an epic live music line-up on during the day – any favourites?

The Mockers and The Chills for a bit of old school music and Katchafire who hail from my home town in Hamilton, so I expect great things from them! What’s the secret to surviving an all-day beer festival?

Hopefully the weather is great so lots of sunscreen, plenty of great food and pace yourself on the beers! Don’t go too hard too early! Tell us about the new Madam Woo restaurant opening up in Christchurch next month. 

We are very excited about opening Madam Woo in Christchurch next month, and I think we have a great location in the heart of the city. The rebuild has been a long process but it’s amazing to see how the city is taking shape, there’s some very interesting architecture. I look forward to sharing some Kiwi favourites from the Woo menu with the Christchurch locals. The Great Kiwi Beer Festival
Hagley Park North, 28th January 2017

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