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Bunsen starts Arts Centre hospo burning again

After what seems like way too long, hospitality has returned to the recuperating Arts Centre with the opening of the new Bunsen in the ground floor Clock Tower space that was once occupied by the legendary Le Café.

Hamish Evans, the owner of Switch Espresso and Black Betty (who actually got his start in hospitality washing dishes at Le Café – the circle is complete) has overseen a fit-out that retains many of the classic features of the much-loved old venue, such as the mezzanine dining area and distinctive ceiling, while doubling the size of the space and drawing on the history of the space as a science classroom (hence the name). Hamish even tracked down Le Café's familiar outdoor furniture, which has been restored to life after years of storage in a field in Marshlands paddock. There's plenty of exciting new changes though as well, with the old Le Café kitchen now a public space, a new mezzanine, and some stunning equipment on view.

bunsen 2
The concept has created an inviting, shabby-chic enviroment featuring many touchstones of the sites former academic environment – old school chairs, rimu, and brass name plates. The chemistry theme also flows into the menu, where there's also room for tributes to a few Le Café classics – such as the world-famous-in-Christchurch chicken nachos – in another nod to the site's history. And naturally coming to us from the man behind Black Betty, top coffee will be a given! Get in soon for a look at this exciting new café with an eye on the past!

2 Worcester Boulevard, Central City
03 338 3530



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