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Cultivating Change

Doing green stuff in urban spaces and adding a serious dose of good karma to your central city café brunch or restaurant dinner, Cultivate Christchurch is building a network of productive urban farms around the city with the support of local communities. Setting out to grow skills and provide valuable work experience, they are firm believers in the ‘teach a man to fish and he can feed his family for a lifetime' approach, and aim to educate, empower and inspire young people, teaching valuable skills to interns who learn about not just cultivating vegetables, but are also able to spend time with AJ, their ‘organic psychologist’, to tackle any challenges they may be facing in their own lives.

As a social enterprise, they sell their fresh, healthy produce to local cafés and restaurants (low food miles alert!), where it stars in many Christchurch café favourites. That’s not all though: tackling the lack of green waste collection in the centre city head on, they promote responsible treatment of green waste for cafés and restaurants in the CBD by making green waste collections (by cycle, no less!) from their customers and composting Innocent Packaging coffee cups. The compost is then used in the growing of the veges that are in turn sold back to their café and restaurant customers (as well as the general public) in the central city.

Move over, Simba; Cultivate have got the Circle of Life covered better than you ever did!

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