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Fern Favourite

There’s a certain old-school approach that comes from the beer-loving folks at Sprig & Fern: they like to serve up their award-winning craft beers and ciders in – as is only proper – Imperial pints. You also won’t find annoyances like TVs or pokies in their new Merivale tavern in St Albans Street, which finally brings their mega-popular brew pub concept down here from Nelson (and about time too!). Instead you’ll get a warm welcome, good conversation and (very old-fashioned here) human interaction, alongside classic pub snacks and food such as platters, gourmet burgers, and more.

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Can’t decide on which of their (18!) fantastic craft beers and ciders to try first? Go for the tasting tray and discover a favourite, then relax with more of the same in the chilled-out ambience of their gracefully converted early Merivale estate.

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