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Ferry Magic at ten27

“Would you like the restaurant pour or the home pour?” beams the ray of sunshine that is our waitress when we order the Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc. Noting the quizzical looks on our faces she continues helpfully: “The home pour is 100ml larger at 250ml, more like what you might pour when you’re at home”.

Being a late(ish) Friday lunch with the weekend mere hours away our response is a unanimous “home pour” as we settle at our table in the swishy new redux of Ferrymead stalwart ten27. Riding high on the wave of its triumphant return, the beloved iconic café, eatery and bar is packed to its funky, geometric wallpapered gills with excited diners busy clinking wine glasses and fawning over its signature, wholesome, super tasty fare.

Replete with slick black tables and blonde wooden chairs and matching lampshades, it’s a careful balance of casual sophistication and upmarket realness – the hard working, sun-drenched, bright and airy space utilising cunning design to open right up in order to offer sensational al fresco dining options including a cosy, river stone BBQ/fireplace that's perfect for cooler evenings.

the home pour

Our generous ‘home pour’ wines arrive in Luigi Bormioli glasses (on which quirky, life-imitating-art stencilling depicts a wine-drinking stick couple) and is served alongside our complimentary sparkling water(!) which, along with the handy USB ports and plugs to recharge waning phones and tablets located behind the comfy booth seating, endear with their thoughtfulness.

We’ve been watching the plates coming out of the kitchen in an attempt to narrow down our selection from multi-award winning consultant chef Mark Sycamore’s extensive ‘it all sounds too good to choose’ menu. Unsurprisingly we’re still none-the-wiser – everything looks just as good as it sounds. We settle on the tried and true (fish of the day) and a wild card (new season asparagus), noting they’ll be perfect matches with our wine.

fish n chips

The fish of the day, terakihi, is golden battered perfection – light and crisp, and a delightful contrast to the delicate, flaky succulent white fish beneath. Piled atop crunchy fries and served alongside tangy ribbons of a pickled fennel and cucumber slaw and some seriously tasty tartare sauce, it makes for an exceptional Friday lunch. Equally seductive is the asparagus; its stacks of tender, precision-cooked firm spears are fresh and brilliant green under what will soon be a runny egg yolk ravioli. A scattering of hazelnut pieces adds a wicked textural crunch and nuttiness, while a lemon pickle brings a zesty hit, and burnt onion emulsion adds a smoky sweetness. Paired with sips of the wine’s nettle tingle, it’s simply sublime.

spears n egg

It would be remiss not to end the experience on a sweet note, particularly given ten27’s legendary John’s Mum’s Fudge (or simply ‘JMF’ to those in the know) and other decadent homemade slices and goodness proudly displayed in the cabinet. We pair the JMF (just as good as ever) with the lemon pistachio slice (scrummy) and chai lattes where, sitting on our blue saucers, are bite-size piece of their famous, buttery homemade shortbread – it’s so good to be back!

1027 Ferry Road
03 595 2428

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