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Cityscape catches up with Ghost Brewing’s Muz Moeller, the man behind the local badge haunting some of the city’s top brews, and mastermind for the iconic Dux range of beers.

You look after the famed Dux range; what sort of pressure was there when you took it on?
I was lucky. Ghost Brewing started at a time when Wigram Brewing Company were brewing the Dux range, and we hired the brewer that was working for them to brew that range. Timing was on point. I didn’t
feel any pressure. I also felt it was the right time for an ‘in house’ Dux crew takeover of the beer.

The recipe to the iconic Ginger Tom beer was lost in the earthquake – how did you go about recreating it?
Yes, the recipe was lost... our brewer redesigned it with the help of Coops from Wigram Brewing Company, and I think he nailed it. I personally think it’s never been better. We recently found an old diary thanks to Richard Sinke, with an original recipe (we think)... I believe our modification has kept it in check with the old vibes, but brought it into the modern brewing world.

What’s the secret to creating that great, warming hum you get with GT?
We kept adding more ginger until we got the nod from Tristin Anderson (Dux Executive Chef) – once I got the, “Muz, it’s good”, I knew it was right. Always ask a regular if you want to know if your beer is on point, good or not. It’s never had more ginger in it when you compare 2017 to the history of the beer.


What new beers are you working on?
We made an East Coast IPA with Sean from Raindogs – it was an unfiltered 6.5% offering that was very successful. There’s still around four kegs floating around out there in the bars. We’ll also bring back a new version of our Hefe Weizen in February. I made a brown porter with Sam from Vulcan Brewery which will we will bring out for a party, and I plan to make a new APA in my garage on Boxing Day. Will let you know how I go!

What attracted you to the brewing industry?
The main attraction was getting to work with my friend and business partner Julian Sinke. He is a very key person in my life and someone I lean on for inspiration, support and business acumen. He’s a weapon... that said, I forgive him that he likes basketball.

What’s the secret to creating a killer craft beer?
I personally think it’s all about timing. Sours seem to be all the rage at the minute. East Coast Pale Ales are another. I also personally think it’s all about having a tap badge that states what it is and the beer delivers. A great example of this is the Three Boys’ Sea Salt and Toffee Ale, that beer is next-level and delivered on its name. Craft beer is just beer for the people – I think listening to the people is key to designing ‘killer’ beers.

What will you be drinking this summer?
Like in any season, those who know me well know I love my wheat beers. I will definitely be found drinking Three Boys’ Wheat, Raindogs’ Beached As, and our own new formula of the Delicious Hefe Weizen. I’m also a fan of Wieckse Witte (Holland) and Hoegaarden (Belgium) when I can find it.

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6 Poplar Street

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