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Hit Stealth Hospitality's Glenmorangie cocktail line up and win a trip to Vegas

Local hospo leaders Stealth Hospitality have teamed up with Glenmorangie Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky in their annual winter cocktail promotion for a couple of months of some seriously good and seriously inventive whisky cocktails across their four fantastic city venues – and better yet, downing one of these bad boys gives you the chance to win an amazing trip to Las Vegas every time. Rockstar Pizza & Drink Parlour, Mexicano’s, King of Snake and The Dirty Land will each be rocking their own individual suites of Glenmorangie-starrers; start with the wickedness of Sin City (Glenmorangie with caramel, pineapple, lemon and Creole bitters) at King of Snake before sliding into Mexicano’s for the Flamingo (Glenmorangie shaken with blood orange and lemon, served over ice with a smoked salt crust), over to Rockstar for the flavour burst that is the Sunshine Acid (Glenmorangie , honey, boysenberry and egg white, served in a champagne flute topped with creaming soda foam) and back to The Dirty Land for for the home run that is the Little Darling (Glenmorangie Lasanta shaken with cherry liqueur, Chambord, lemon and egg white) among many delicious others. Each venue has a variety of options to choose from, and with Stealth’s four venues all situated on Victoria Street, it’s tempting make your way between each and try to make your way through the entire list! (Maybe not all in one night, though…) Drop your details in on the entry form you’ll receive with each Glenmorangie cocktail purchased before September 30, and you’re in the running for a trip for two to fabulous Las Vegas; that’s a serious sweetener on top of your great night out. Hit Stealth venues now and start making inroads into the delicious line-up!
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