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Movers and Shakers: Rachel Powderly

Cityscape catches up with Vesuvio Jazz & Tapas Bar’s chief cocktail concoctionist extraordinaire Rachel Powderly who, when not turning out some of the city’s finest cocktails, is mastering the art of celestial travel. What’s your signature cocktail?
The Bocca di Bacco. Bacco was the God of wine, so this drink is a tribute to him and, of course, the fact that we celebrate wine so much at Vesuvio. It combines Maker’s 46 Bourbon with a homemade Pinot Noir and Tamarillo Tea Syrup as the sweetener, and is made in a classic sour style with egg white to create a rich and creamy texture, balanced out with freshly squeezed lemon juice (see recipe here!). What’s the secret to a killer cocktail?
Balance, presentation and I always try to add a bit of theatre! Hitting every part of the palate is very important – you need to make it interesting. It should be more like a taste sensation rather than something substandard. Favourite place to go for a big night?
Not really a fan of big nights anymore, so I tend to visit a few small bars through the city. I’ve heard some very good things about The Poplar Social Club and Boo’s is always good for a few games of pool and Negronis! Where’s Christchurch’s hidden gem?
Vesuvio! I know I work here, but honestly it really is the definition of Christchurch’s hidden gem. You should always work somewhere that you love and want the customers to reflect this from their experience here. I love secret bars and this one is the right place if you want to escape from average nights out in town. Favourite place to escape?
Saturn! I feel it’s important to maintain a sense of the scope of the universe. Not many people know how to get here but we’ve been planning a mission for a long time. It includes lots of backwards jumping dolphins, space candy and moon dust … not forgetting the snow mobiles. Where do you go for casual and fancy eats?
Casual eats would be Little High at the moment. Fancy has got to be a home cooked meal with a killer wine!
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