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New menu drops at Orleans

Exciting news for foodies today with the most recent Orleans menu update landing and chockfull of some truly epic new eats. The mighty Good Old Ribs serves up an entire kilogram of the meaty favourite served with house BBQ sauce, tangy pickles and tater tots, the Prawn-Stuffed Flat Fish is the ultimate seafood fan's treat, and Duck Wings with peanut butter BBQ sauce, crushed pecans and scallions are a must try, but there's a bit of a limelight-stealer here, and it's this:

Orleans Waffle Stack

Behold the towering deliciousness that is The Waffle Stack! A huge tower of fluffy waffles, fried chicken, pork belly and bacon pieces - served with mountains of cheese, slaw, tater tots, fried pickles, scallions and dirty gravy. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and they are right. JUST LOOK AT IT.

Orleans' new menu is available from April the 11th - get into it!

89 Lichfield St
03 365 7312 

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