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New year, new menu for Orleans

Exciting news for fans of Stateside and Creole cuisine, with the launch of Orleans' first new menu since March last year. 

There's plenty of amazing new dishes to go and try; Twice Cooked Pork Belly, Spinach Dip, Cornbread Grilled Cheese, Marinated Beetroot Salad, and three yummy new pies, Chocolate, Cherry and Coffee & Bacon (cheesecake with chocolate bacon, maple glaze, caramelised banana, and vanilla ice cream - phwoar, check it:)

Coffee Bacon Pie

As usual with Orleans though, there tends to be a bit of a scenestealer in each of their new menu updates, and this time around it's this one:

Cheeseburger 2

Feast your eyes on the Deep Fried Cheeseburger! So wrong, but oh so right. (We won't tell your personal trainer if you don't.)

To get and and try the latest delicious culinary creations from the Orleans team, which are now available, give them a bell or book online.

89 Lichfield Street
03 365 7312

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