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Recipe: The Boo Radley

Boo Radley’s Food & Liquor and Little Neighbourhood Garden Bar & Eatery’s cocktail legend James Quinn puts a wicked spin on the stock-standard bourbon and dry, utilising apple cider and cinnamon to bring a fresh, apple-pie flavour that’s as drinkable as it is easy to make.

The Boo Radley


45ml Makers Mark bourbon (or Woodford Reserve)
Magners Apple Cider
1 cinnamon stick
Fresh lime wedge
Black walnut bitters


Put a large ice cube in a rocks glass (this ensures a slow ice melt) and pour the Makers Mark or Woodford Reserve over the cube. Add a squeeze of fresh lime – this is important for flavour rather than as a garnish. Top the glass with Magners Apple Cider and add a few drops of black walnut bitters. Light a cinnamon stick until it is smouldering to bring out the smoky flavour and place in the glass to garnish.

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