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Review: Underground Coffee Roasters Cafe

The intoxicating aroma of freshly-brewed coffee is like an alluring siren call on the late Saturday morning after a big Friday night. Perched at the entrance of The Colombo, the sun-filled café is the perfect recovery zone. Settle back in the rustic comfy cool surrounds, order up a hangover-curing, piping hot-cup of signature Avant Garde coffee, and watch the traffic blur by outside and the buzz of active shoppers in the mall. Having scanned the well-stocked cabinet fare atop the chunky wooden counter between sips of the bitter-sweet chocolaty symphony of the full-bodied house brew, we decide it really is a job for a cooked brunch, ordering up the haloumi veggie stack and big breakfast with front-of-house legend Vivek (‘V’) Sharma. We’re busy making plans for the rest of the day when V brings over our meals, along with some totally boss housemade tomato and jalapeno and tomato and chilli sauces. The big breakfast more than lives up to its name; it’s an epic serve of soft-poached free-range eggs, crispy bacon, bratwurst, BBQ brisket, potatoes, creamed mushrooms, and grilled tomato, all topped off with a grilled cheese scone – we start feeling better at the mere sight of it. It’s a great all-rounder – we try and get a bit of everything on each forkful. The smoky intensity of the brisket lends things some next-level flavours, particularly when kicked up a notch with a feisty blast of the tomato and jalapeno sauce.

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The haloumi veggie stack is similarly soul-restoring. We feel better with each mouthful of salty, grilled haloumi, which stars alongside soft poached eggs piled atop seasonal veggies laced with baby spinach and mushrooms, and a bangin’ cauliflower fritter. Given that plans for the day have turned to a major session in the garden, something sweet to finish on is an easy justification – even if the selection is hard. Whittling down the super tempting array of pastries, cakes, muffins and slices, we decide on the blueberry and caramel slice with its winning, smooth caramel and deliciously short and buttery crust – as well as the nutty crunch and orange peel tang of an exceptional choc-dipped Florentine – before stepping out, suitably restored and fuelled-up for the day’s activities.

Underground Coffee Roasters Cafe
The Colombo
03 943 7360

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