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Take Me There: Central

Coming fifth on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2017, Central in Lima, Peru is not the place to go if you want a traditional Peruvian dining experience. However, if cutting-edge gourmet creations transforming rare and supremely fresh local ingredients into heavenly edible art is more your bag, you’ll want to add this global foodie hot spot helmed by inimitable husband and wife duo Virgilio Martinez and Pia León to the top of your bucket list. An exploration of Peru’s biodiversity, the Mater Elevations degustation takes your taste buds on a thrilling gastronomic journey that starts 10 metres below sea level and ascends to 3,700 metres above it across 17 courses; you’ll traverse such culinary curiosities as Waters of Nanay (featuring piranhas!), High Jungle, Humid Green, and Medicinals and Plant Dyes. Be warned though, bookings need to be made several weeks – and often months – in advance, giving you plenty of time to book those flights.

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