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Tree of Life

Taking its name from the stunning 6 metre art piece tree that they share the atrium of the new ANZ Centre with, Arbo/Arborista is a relaxed café/espresso offering positioned not only in the heart of a building, but in in the heart of the rebuilding city centre as well.

Arbo 2

Full service café Arbo offers a range of tempting cabinet fare featuring daily salads and sandwiches, empanadas, pastries and some seriously stunning custard squares, as well as a full menu that offers delights suchs as chopped chicken salad with capers, pistachio, greens, herbs and lemon, while little espresso bar Arborista powers out seriously good C4’s Krank coffee all week before making an Optimus Prime-like transformation in to a great wee wine bar on Thursday and Friday evenings, all the better to pump out great sharing platters, premium wines, and local beers on tap to the after-work crowd.

Grab a Three Boys and some truffle salt fries, chill out under the tree and toast to new regrowth in the CBD!

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