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Vegan Dining

Christchurch is sneakily New Zealand’s vegetarian capital – the first vegetarian group in the city held its first meetings in 1882! Today the city has over 10,000 vegetarian residents and numerous venues around the city in which to enjoy killer vegetarian and vegan fare. The city’s own vegetarian expo has been vegan since 2012, and this year that becomes official, with the event now the (first ever) Christchurch Vegan Expo on Sunday October 8 at the Air Force Museum of New Zealand.

Vegetarian Expo

Town Tonic
The night after the Expo Town Tonic (pictured top) is hosting another epic Vegan Night filled with amazing eats and cooking demonstrations – if the last event is anything to go by you’ll want to book your tix stat!

TMR Restaurant & Bar
The exceptional dining on offer at this seriously cool and stylish dining venue includes some of the city’s tastiest vegan eats going (we’re looking at you Vegan Snickers Bar) courtesy of the prowess of head chef Hannah Cooper-Grieve.

MADE Expresso Bar
Suitably famous for their bodacious fresh vegan sandwiches, super cute MADE Espresso Bar rock some seriously tasty honest, wholesome and simple fare including a paleo chocolate and caramel slice we’ve been known to make special trips for.

The Herb Centre
This iconic and celebrated café focuses on healthy eating by creating seasonal vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free food and an amazing range of health-promoting drinks all made from scratch in house. Look out for their awesome spicy Indian Lentil Pattie!

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