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Waffle on and on and on at Orleans in August

Heads up, waffle fans: Orleans is celebrating the American love affair/obsession with waffles in August with 4 mouth-watering special waffle dishes available each Wednesday between 12pm and 4pm. 

Behold the line-up, and get excited:

2nd August
Maple Bacon + Swiss Cheese - $12

Orleans Maple Bacon

9th August
Banana Split Waffle – banana, chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream, salted caramel peanuts and popcorn – $10

Orleans Banana Split Waffle

16th August
Crispy Pork Belly Waffles, mustard maple sauce, scallions, pickled apples – $12

Orleans Waffle and Pork 23rd August
Rocky Road Waffle - Toasted marshmallows, strawberry syrup, biscuit crumb, coconut, chocolate chips – $10

Orleans Rocky Road Waffle Wednesday 30th August
Shake & Waffle Wednesday - Shake of the Month & Waffle - $12 On Thursday 24th, you can celebrate US Waffle Day (of course it's a thing) with all four of August's special waffle dishes avaiable for lunch and dinner.

Hit up the Orleans website to book!

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