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Whet Your Whistle

The city’s essential hangout for anyone that really appreciates a good G&T, Cambridge Terrace’s WHET Drinking Room offers a carefully curated collection of no fewer than 151 different gins from all over the world – some available perhaps nowhere else in New Zealand. Because they take the ol’ Mother’s Ruin seriously, gins are even matched to specific tonics, and if it all seems a bit daunting, the knowledgeable folks behind the gleaming copper bar in the sexy, sophisticated space are always on hand to learn you up.

Before you get the idea that they’re just weirdly obsessed with juniper berries though, their range also includes over 40 New Zealand craft beers and an equally numerous list of imported whiskies – this is a bar for the discerning palate! We’re not done yet, though – add relaxed live music, and a thoughtful range of lip-smacking bar snacks, and even a snow bar you can put your drink down on if it starts getting a bit warm, and we’re clearly in night-out heaven territory here. OK – appetite definitely whetted!

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