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Hot Property with Mary Turnbull: Renovation Tips to Boost Your Home’s Value Before Selling

Whether you’re handy around the house or need to rely on the professionals, there are numerous ways you can add value to your property prior to listing it on the market to ensure you get the most from its sale.

For quick fixes and a general tidy, touch up the paint around doors, frames and windowsills (both inside and out). Outdated or cheap-looking light fittings, including hanging lights with paper shades (and in some instances just the bare bulbs) can inexpensively be replaced with often stunning results.

In the kitchen sometimes all that’s needed is to switch out cupboard handles for a fresh look; however, if the bench-top has seen better days, it’s amazing the difference a new bench-top can make. Likewise, a scuffed up hob can be off-putting but is easily replaced – potential buyers fall in love with kitchens, so you want to make yours as appealing as possible.

In the bathroom it can be as simple as replacing grout and repairing chips in the bathtub and sink, along with applying a new coat of paint to refresh the space; if a more extreme makeover is required though, consider upgrading the taps and shower unit. When it comes to flooring, keep in mind that the floor is going to be one of the first things perspective buyers are going to look at. In most instances you’ll be able to get away with a commercial clean on carpets, but if it’s looking threadbare you’ll definitely want to invest in some new carpet. It can totally transform a house and is a lot cheaper than people think – I always recommend getting a quote.

Shabby tiles and worn vinyl should also be replaced, while damaged wooden floors can be sanded back to reveal a new surface. With open-plan living becoming more popular, consider opportunities to professionally remove non-structural walls to open up living areas and totally transform your house.

Outside, look to replace or repaint/stain timber decks, tidy up, and stain or paint raw timber fences (or those in unappealing colours) to complete the aesthetic.

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