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Ride On!

Cityscape catches up with the high rollers at Christchurch-owned iCycle Electric, checks out their range of electric bikes, drift trikes and scooters and gets the inside word on e-bikes.

Offering next-level cycling options, the high rollers at Christchurch-owned iCycle Electric specialise in building their own range of electric bikes, drift trikes and scooters. The driving force behind their own proudly Kiwi RIKONDA brand, owners Riki Foulsham and Rhonda Wicksteed (see what they did there?) offer a range of options to suit everyone from cycle commuters to mountain/off-road biking enthusiasts and even scooter fans, with RIKONDA ranging from neat little fold-up outfits that make the bus stint of your journey easy to mighty machines designed for cycling over snow! Utilising top quality cycling gear such as Shimano and Velo parts and with neat features like phone chargers (!) often included, these puppies offer not only the quality factor but the cool factor as well!

Cityscape caught up with Riki for the lowdown on the city’s most righteous form of travel.

How did you get into electric bikes and trikes?
Eight years ago I helped develop the concept of retrofitting my hand cycle by attaching electric motors and various Lithium batteries to enable power assistance while pedalling and having a throttle option and the idea grew from there.

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What’s the appeal of the e-bike?
There are many reasons why e-bikes are appealing, they:
Add fun to riding a bike making it more enjoyable to ride;
Take the hard work out of riding a bike, various levels of power assists to suit the rider e.g. hill climbing, windy conditions;
Add riding distance without the sweat; and
Save money, only 12 cents per charge!

What makes Rikonda a killer brand and choice?
By putting our name on our product makes us accountable and can add weight to a customer’s decision to purchase our products. Rikonda comes from Rik and Rhonda, any of our products with this name on it has passed all of our criteria.

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Tell us about some of the features people might not know about your bikes?
There’s so many: safety brake lights on some of our models, speed, how far the bike can go on one charge, 2-year warranty, different battery sizes 10.4Ah, 16Ah and 20Ah. The legal size of the motor is 300 watts; we use 2 types of motor: hub and crank drive. A hub motor is on the rear wheel and is mainly used on the flats and slight hills and is much cheaper than the crank motor. A crank motor means the motor is in the crank of the bike, this is great on both hills and the flats and uses the power more efficiently due to the ability of using the bikes gears to minimise the load/stress or torque it has on the motor.

How long does it take to charge one?
Approximately 4 hours, but you can plug in your battery and top up at any time (like you can with your phone).

How long does the charge last?
For a 36V 10Ah Lithium ion with power assistance you can go as far as 60km (sometimes further), a 36V 16Ah Lithium ion with power assistance goes up to 70km (sometimes further) while a 36V 20Ah with Lithium ion power assistance will go as far as 80km and, depending on the conditions, even further.

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What’s next in the Rikonda line-up?
We’re adding 7 new models of bikes to our range in November/December and are going to push our brand into the online market.

285 Cashel Street
03 377 4886

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