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Outer Spaces

Looking for the hottest outdoor trends, Cityscape tapped the genius of Canopy Landscape Architects’ Gabe Ross and Paul Roper-Gee.

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Spring is a great time to get stuck into the garden and make the most of your outdoors. Important principles to consider when designing your outdoor spaces include establishing a strong relationship between house and garden, ensuring consideration of sun, shade, shelter, creating well-proportioned spaces and remembering that all gardens mature and changeover time. With these design fundamentals in place, you can personalise the spaces to suit your lifestyle and complement your house. Here’s three design ideas to help make the most of your garden:

1 Go wild Even on a small scale you can attract birds, bugs and lizards to your garden by planting to provide food, shelter and nesting space. Get online to find out what native plants originally grew in your part of the city. Your garden can look good year round and you will also be doing your bit to increase biodiversity in Christchurch.

2 Bring the inside outside We all love the long evenings during the spring and summer months – why not create an outdoor dining and entertainment area as an extension of your indoor living space. A covered deck or paved area will provide shelter from the elements and together with an outdoor fireplace or fire pit creates a cosy space extending the time spent outside. Outdoor kitchens, including stoves, fridges and benches let those cooking enjoy the sunshine and be part of the social atmosphere making entertaining fun and easy.

3 Grow your own Growing and harvesting fresh, healthy food from your own garden is very rewarding and provides great learning opportunities for children. If space doesn’t allow for a home orchard or full-size vegetable garden there are still many ways to integrate edibles with espaliered fruit trees, pots and planters and even sprinkling a few edibles through ornamental garden beds.

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