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Buskers Fest Review: A Night At The Musicals

Image: Lee Faircloth

The “nightmare sluts of Christchurch” are here, and you have to see them. Building a side-splittingly hilarious show out of tenuous links and the loving slaughter of some of the world’s most beloved musical numbers, World Buskers Festival’s divine divas Le Gateau Chocolat and Jonny Woo have created A Night At The Musicals like no other.

Making an entrance after working the crowd into a frenzy with a Streisand mega mix, Chocolat is a coquettish bearded vision in salmon pink sequins and white feathers to the fabulously leggy alt-queen of Woo’s masked admirer in the epic opening number from Phantom of the Opera. With no musical number off limits, no outfit too outrageous and no performance even remotely restrained, the opening night audience is treated to everything from a Les Mis number that out-Oscars Anne Hathaway, The Lion King crammed into 30 seconds, a high-kicking Cabaret and the most lovingly butchered Grease rendition, well, ever (you’ll never be able to look at Sandy and Rizzo the same way again!). 

Highlights from a night of highlights include Woo’s dizzyingly dexterous and balls-to-the-wall one-person lip sync of the entire cast of Les Mis (including character and costume changes!) while Chocolate’s Frozen princess lets it go in a show-stopping performance which sees that famous, booming honey-smooth baritone barely contained by The Art Centre’s Great Hall.

By the end you’ll have sung your heart out, danced and clapped yourself silly, and even acted as a lighting tech – and will be looking to queue up for another magical ride.

A Night At The Musicals 
The Great Hall at the Arts Centre
Nightly at 7:30pm until 27 Jan

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