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It was the roughest of possible starts for the Christchurch Adventure Park, which had been open for just a couple of months before being massively damaged by the 2017 Port Hills fire. But there’s awesome news after a tough 10 months with the park’s reopening, which they’re dubbing #captake2.

From December 5, the park will be open with all of its village facilities operating as well as its chairlift, zipline tour, and Coaching I Green Trail. They're only charging for the ride up; visitors can leg it to the top, take advantage of the amazing views (sans trees) then take the chairlift down and enjoy a cold one at the café/bar, which will be serving everything from brunch through to dinner.

With the park’s trail network having suffered significantly in the fires, trails will be opened in a staggered fashion as they become available over the summer, with the goal of rebuilding the trail offering to the point that it is similar to what was offered pre-fire by the end of March.

Look out for opening weekend festivities on December 9 & 10, and the well-earned Welcome Back party on December 19.

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