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Caravan hosts artists in central city

Artists have taken up residency in a caravan on the Christchurch Art Gallery forecourt for a new exhibition by Toi Moroki Centre of Contemporary Art (CoCA) with artist collective, The Social.

The simple caravan is housing a series of artists until 20 August 2017 as part of CoCA’s MAKING SPACE exhibition. The artists have been invited to take part by local artist collective The Social - a collective which encourages art to live and breathe outside of its usual infrastructure.

The Social are reinvigorating the Street Residency project, which began in 2013 in response to the major transformation of Christchurch following the 2010-11 earthquakes (their caravan in Gloucester Street 2013 is pictured above). The residency offered artists from out of town to the opportunity to be part of the transitional period when few galleries were operational in the central city. The project provided free accommodation for artists from Aotearoa and abroad who stayed for a week on a vacant site in the CBD when accommodation was limited, with the artists funding their own food and travel.

CoCA’s Khye Hitchcock, curator of MAKING SPACE says: “The Social’s Street Residency was a vital lifeline for connecting Ōtautahi Christchurch artists with creative communities around Aotearoa and the world. First established during a difficult period, when there was little infrastructure, gallery or otherwise, available in the CBD, The Social facilitated cross-pollination with a generosity of spirit and can-do attitude which was so prevalent post-quakes. The collective has carried this energy through to MAKING SPACE, using the opportunity as a seeding project and offering it to other artists through an open call for proposals to participate in the Street Residency and other MAKING SPACE projects."

Now on, MAKING SPACE (until 20 August 2017) celebrates collaborative art practice and why it forms, with several collaboartive art groups hosted by the exhibition throughut July and into August.

For further details on the exhibition and associated events programme, see


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