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Proving once and for all that people love them some guilty pleasures, Tomás Ford’s Crap Music Rave Party concept has proved a hit wherever he’s taken it on the planet. Now back in Christchurch after his last sold-out visit, Tomás is bringing us a New Year’s double header, with two big parties at the Wunderbar. Proudly ‘the worst DJ in the world’ Tomás brings us some of the silliest fun you can have. Think rave videos, DIY disco lights, a DJ who dances like no-one’s watching (even though you won’t be able to look away), and one very simple rule: request any song you like, so long as it’s terrible. Tomas will then drop it like an arty trance hit at the most exclusive of underground warehouse parties. Think Rednex, Justin Bieber, Amii Stewart, the Dawson’s Creek soundtrack, Barry Manilow, 80s hair metal, Nickelback, Aqua, 90’s Cher – if it’s bad, it’s in, and somehow it makes for the most hilarious dance party ever. In fact, people are lining up to get a bit of it; the event has a weird habit of selling out. So gather up-for-it mates, think of some horrible requests and grab tickets! You’ll be having too much fun to worry about the shocking playlist; the shame will only come later.

Crap Music Rave Party
Wunderbar, Dec 30 & 31

Image: Karen Lowe

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