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CSO: For The Common Man

The Christchurch Symphony Orchestra are joined by Simon Tedeschi, one of Australia’s most renowned classical pianists, to perform George Gershwin’s Piano Concerto in F major on November 11 at the Air Force Museum as part of their For The Common Man concert. Composed in 1926, it had critics at the time harrumphing – was it jazz or classical music? Modern audiences though can simply sit back and enjoy Gershwin’s work of playful cheerfulness. The orchestra also launches into a fanfare described by its own composer as “a thrilling ride in a terrific sports car”, John Adam’s Short Ride in a Fast Machine, and rounding things out is American composer Aaron Copland’s third symphony, written in the aftermath of WWII and intended as a tribute to those who had sacrificed during the war. “It was the common man, after all, who was doing all the dirty work … he deserved a fanfare.” Copland reckoned, banging out what many consider the best American symphony ever written. This line-up’s a goodie!

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