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Field of Dreams

Got your eyes on taking out the Fashion in the Field top prize at Riccarton Park Racecourse on November 18? We caught up with local fashionista, businesswoman and former winner Nettles Lamont for some top tips on pulling off a winning look.

How did you come up with your winning look?
I have always been into that whole Audrey Hepburn-esque elegance of yesteryear. My look was inspired by the era that Mad Men reflected, and I spent the better part of 9 months looking to bring it all together. I bought some great silk in Auckland, a hat I could spray paint from Ballantynes, and some great Jimmy Choo shoes in Sydney. I’m not a dressmaker, but I have an eye for design and a good friend who is, so I designed the outfit and she made it. We had torrential rain on the day, and I hadn’t thought about a jacket, but luckily I had the perfect jacket at home – looking back that rain was my friend on the day.

How important is working a theme?
It’s essential. Everything has got to flow – you are wearing a story – but it has to represent you. You can’t be a fish out of water, you have to look and feel comfortable. Attention to detail has to flow from your hat to your shoes.

What advice do you have for contestants?
Fashion in the Field is quite a high-fashion, very elegant and poised look. You have to own it; you can’t go walk the catwalk looking down and shuffling along – you have to own the space. Don’t be afraid to take a risk either – we do look for that point of difference.

How can contestants ‘wow’ you?
Don’t be afraid to smile and show your personality!

What will you be wearing?
I’ve been doing lots of work in Japan, so I’m thinking an Eastern theme. I bought this gorgeous belt in London which I’m thinking of pairing with a Yukata summer kimono with a cinched waist.

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