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Musical Allies

Comfortably the biggest ever band named after the address of a Dunedin student flat, Kiwi soul/electronica/dnb/pop rock outfit Six60 have been spending plenty of 2017 working on new music, recording in Auckland, London and Los Angeles, and are now ready to show some of it off.

The band is back on our shores and hitting the road for the New Zealand summer. They’ve teamed up with Norwegian duo Nico & Vinz (best known to NZ fans for their #1 single ‘Am I Wrong’) for The New Waves World Tour and have already missioned it across Europe. The'll be kicking things off locally in Christchurch at Horncastle Arena on January 6.

Six60 frontman Matiu Walters says that the band is excited about the collaboration: “We met Nico & Vinz when we were recording in their studio in LA and discovered that we’ve got a lot in common in what we believe about music and the way it affects and connects people, and how our music is influenced by our roots and genres like R&B… Both bands have got new parts of the world to see, and fresh music to share with our fans.”

Kiwi hip hop musician and producer Kings is also on the tour, making rounding off a big line-up set to deliver a night of music that’s not to be missed.

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