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Nadia Pops in with Peruvian Pop Up


Celebrity chef, MasterChef winner and My Food Bag creator Nadia Lim is bringing a taste of Peru to the city next month with A Peruvian Pop-Up (feat. Nadia Lim).

Working alongside Ceres Organics, Lim’s Peruvian-inspired feast held at Kadett on Wednesday, 11 October will be based around all-round superstar superfood quinoa to celebrate Ceres Organic’s world-first transparent home compostable packet for its white quinoa.

In addition to eating gloriously tasty and healthy fare, Kiwi artist Evie Kemp is gussying up Kadett in the vibrant colours and textures of Peru for a complete international dining experience.
Tipped as ‘dinner, drinks and a live podcast all in one’ (the latter being the inside word on the EcoSocial credentials of the ingredients) this is foodie heaven.

A Peruvian Pop-Up! (feat. Nadia Lim)
Kadett, 11 Oct
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