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Run Away With The Circus

They may not be a household name in quite the same way Cirque du Soleil is, but for those in the know Cirque Eloize is very much in the same echelon – in fact London theatre publication The Stage has dubbed them “Cirque du Soleil’s hipper, sexier cousin.” The Montreal-based Canadian company has been one of the leading lights in the reinvention of circus arts, and since its formation in 1993 has racked up over 5,500 performances across 500 cities worldwide, carved up Broadway and the West End, and entertained some 3.8 million spectators along the way, firmly establishing them as one of the world’s leading contemporary circuses.

Their ninth touring show, Cirkopolis, reaches us (from the 14th to the 19th) towards the end of a long world tour that has been acclaimed at every stop. Taking the 1927 Fritz Lang classic sci-fi film Metropolis as its inspiration, the show is a blend of circus arts, theatre and dance that sees Cirque Eloize’s multidisciplinary artists rebel against a world of conformity and monotony with feats of spectacular skill, strength and artistry, all against the backdrop of an inventive stage design and video projections. Fans of the daring, the spectacular and that special kind of on-stage magic will want to go ahead and book tickets now.

Image: Patrick Lazic

Cirque Eloize: Cirkopolis
Isaac Theatre Royal, Nov 14 – 19

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