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Shake It Up

The weather may be cooling down, but that doesn’t mean a good milkshake won’t hit the spot – there’s few better sweet treats than a seriously good shake. A number of places around the city are turning out some take-no-prisoners gourmet numbers that don’t only bring all the boys to their yards, but all the girls as well – if you’re dippy for dairy, get into these milkshake maestros to step up your shake experience. No need to stop drinking milkshakes just because you’re not a kid any more, we reckon. Boo Radley’s thinks so too, with their “Grown Up Milkshakes” taking things distinctly into the adult sphere. Choose between the Gingerbread Man with Frangelico, Licor 43, gingerbread syrup, vanilla ice cream, and topped with a hazelnut crumb and chocolate syrup, the Roger Rabbit with Rose Rabbit orange liqueur, creme de cacao, chocolate ice cream, topped with chocolate syrup and chocolate pearls, or the Caramel Maker (pictured below), a delicious combo of Maker's Mark bourbon (of course! It’s Boo Radley’s) with salted caramel and vanilla ice cream, topped with caramel popcorn and a bourbon cherry. You can request the non-alcoholic versions of these monsters as well (but why would you?).

Boo Radleys milkshake
“Hard Shakes” are the order of the day at Orleans, as well – get into the Salted Caramel with Stolen spiced rum, the Oreo Shake with Absolut vodka, or the seriously amazing S’More shake with Wild Turkey bourbon, topped with toasted marshmallow and Chocolate Wheatens – seriously, just look at this thing (below)! Their regular Shake and Waffle Wednesday (between 12 and 4 on the last Wednesday of every month) offers up one of their awesome shakes (in non-alcoholic mode) with their equally awesome chicken waffles for just $12 – now that’s a lunch.

Orleans milkshake
Out at The Store @ Tai Tapu, they're a mecca for ice cream fans, and that extends to milkshake fans too, as they make them the old-fashioned proper way with real ice cream in the classic range of flavours. Go hard(er) with a thickshake, or check out what's on offer for their regularly updated gourmet shake blackboard specials – think the likes of Black Doris Plum or Salted Kapiti, each made with Kapiti ice cream.

Store at Tai Tapu milkshake

Also hit The Cupcake Collection and  JDV's "Five Dollar Shake" (Woodford reserve bourbon and Absolut Vanilla shaken vigorously with chocolate brownies and milk – yes please) or to change things up a little bit with your milk drink, seek out the wide range of bubble teas at Host Restaurant and Karoke Bar and Ancestral. 


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