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The Iconic: Re:START Mall

Starting its life as a temporary measure designed to return the spark of activity to a post-quake central Christchurch desperately in need of such a boost, Re:START Mall has celebrated its fifth year of operation – that’s about 30 times as long as the 61 days it took to convert a bunch of utilitarian shipping containers into a funky boutique retail precinct, if anyone’s counting.

The colourful can-do container collection simply couldn’t have survived this long without strong support from the city though, and Christchurch has embraced Re:START in a big way – the pop-up mall has not only become one of the city’s favourite go-to meeting places, lunch spots, and shopping destinations, but is often the first place we all take visitors to.

Equally iconic have been many of the Christchurch commerce legends that have called it home at various times over the years; from Stencil to Scorpio Books and Untouched World, it’s a long list. It’s not just the locals in love, either; Re:START’s been singled out for praise by travel writers and publications the world over, and is perhaps the go-to icon of the ‘new’ Christchurch.

Whatever will eventually replace the much-loved mall on a more permanent basis has a tough act to follow!

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