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Trackside Fashion 101

We tap the genius of Best Dressed Lady and Best Dressed Man judges for the Westfield Riccarton Style Stakes at Addington Raceway on November 14 – leading stylists Jackie O’Fee and Luke Bettesworth – for some insider tips on how best to take out the coveted titles.

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What’s the golden rule of Cup Day fashion?
JO Pay attention to detail – and that means ALL the details! Don’t let yourself down with something that is poorly finished or ill-fitting. Oh, and make sure you look great too – e.g. no streaky fake tan or chipped nail polish.

What will you be looking for on the day?
LB Individuality, craftsmanship and contemporary proportions. Impeccable styling from head to toe.

What’s the most common fashion faux pas?
JO To be honest, the standard at Addington is always phenomenally high – it’s usually VERY difficult to pick our finalists and winners, but I guess the people that arrive on the day, have a bit to drink and think they’ll just give it a go while being woefully under prepared probably spring to mind. You might not take it seriously, but we judges do. That said, we do enjoy the giggle along with you!

What’s the best way to get the judge’s attention?
LB Stick to the rules but bend them slightly. Push your fashion boundaries and know that the unexpected never goes unnoticed.

How do you nail fascinator/hat selection?
LB There needs to be a tie-in to the complete outfit. It might be matching metallics or the fabric’s colourway. The architecture of the fascinator should complement the outfit’s style, but also be striking enough to command attention. After all, what is racewear without headwear?

What are you hoping not to see?
JO Too much flesh!

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