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Vine Runner

There’s a rare chance to get out amongst a picturesque operating winery on offer on January 28 with the Pegasus Bay Vine Run. The cunning plan of legendary Pegasus Bay Vineyards and Winery co-owners Ivan Donaldson and his wife Christine, the event offers both 6km and 10km trots (or walks! It’s all good) and will raise money for the New Zealand Brain Research Institute, an organisation Ivan has a close association with after his 30-year practice as a neurologist in Christchurch.

But there’s more than just good karma and a scenic run or stroll on offer; at the conclusion of the event, there will be live music on the Pegasus Bay lawns to enjoy over the afternoon, with participants welcome to bring a picnic or avail themselves of on-site catering options, with wine and beer also available to purchase – and every entrant also gets a bottle of Pegasus Bay’s finest to take home!

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